10 Steps involved in selling your structured settlement.

November 12th, 2010

Often, when the recipient of a structured settlement experiences some sort of financial struggle, 1 of the most viable options to provide some level of relief is to consider selling all or part of this guaranteed periodic payment arrangement. Considering the unpredictable global economic market, it is not challenging to understand why recipients of these financial arrangements may find that the regularly scheduled payments are simply not enough to fully cover seemingly ever increasing expenses.

When an individual begins to consider this very common form of obtaining some additional, direly needed cash, they often want to know what to expect when actually going though the selling process. The entire procedure can be conveniently divided into 10 distinct steps.

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Can a lawsuit loan really make my case stronger?

November 11th, 2010

Most individuals are not aware of the inherent strength building capacity that applying and obtaining a lawsuit loan can actually provide to the victim’s case. Unfortunately, even many legal and financial professionals have not completely discovered the value in this addition to the complex and stressful litigation process. At first, this concept really doesn’t seem to make any logical sense. Most professionals and plaintiffs do not initially understand exactly how obtaining such a settlement advance can provide any security toward a victorious lawsuit conclusion. However, further examination and careful analysis will clearly reveal precisely how getting some extra money through the process of litigation funding can in fact supply your case with unparalleled legal power.

A lawsuit loan is specially classified under the unique lending umbrella of non-recourse financing. This particular category provides the victim with the rare option of obtaining an advancement on the projected settlement without the obligation to repay the money if in fact the lawsuit does not produce a win. In general, most individuals would agree that it is relatively rare to be presented with this particular type of a loan offer. Usually, money provided in the form of a loan from traditional lending institutions are very strict in nature and require that the recipient of the loan be 100% responsible for all payments regardless of any life circumstance or unforeseen struggles.

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Will the national pension elimination make structured settlements disappear too?

November 9th, 2010

Most people are well aware of the national threat to the guaranteed security implied in the coveted retirement plan, known as the pension. Not long ago, multiple companies across the nation were competing against 1 another to ultimately offer their employees the most complete pension plan available. Professionals on the job market were making important career path altering employment position decisions largely based on the entire pension package provided by a company. In the past, it accurately seemed as if the formidable pension offered such a secure advantage to the recipient that major career decisions were ultimately made based on the details of this retirement package.

Currently, pensions have completely disappeared in the private sector of employment. However, this extinction of pension is proving to be malignant in nature by its evident spread to the government departments as well. At this point, government employees are facing realistic and legitimate threats to their guaranteed pension security.

All government employees and even people considering entering this particular sector of employment have felt the pressures inherent in the shattering pension system. However, most significantly affected, are the employees who have dedicated years of professional service to the government in the faithful belief that they will be provided with the promised secure retirement that originally attracted them to that type of career. Many of the loyal government workers on the cusp of retiring, are expressing feelings of disappointment in the system altogether, and even more so, in how exactly they will be able to survive financially though these remaining years.

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Why can’t my attorney give me a lawsuit loan?

November 8th, 2010

After experiencing a horrendous event causing a lawsuit, the victim and family often have to re-assess and establish a potentially very different life. Depending on the specifics of the case, multiple life areas can be affected. Typically, the victim reports struggling throughout the entire spectrum of mental, social, physical, emotional, and financial areas. However, unfortunately, finances have a tendency to really weigh heavily on the outcome of the entire lawsuit. This is largely due to the far reaching consequences commonly associated with financial struggles. In general, when an individual goes through a rough patch with money, they will be statistically more likely to experience difficulties in their mental, physical, social, and emotional health. This detrimental connection actually exacerbates the declining levels of function in those core areas of life, especially for a victim in the stressful and frustrating process of litigation.

Litigation funding companies have realized the intense financial struggles that victims involved in legal cases are forced to face. Lawsuit funding companies actually offer specialized settlement advancements for victims in this precise financial bind. These specific loans are categorized as non-recourse financing, ultimately, legally leaving the victim free of any form of repayment if the case does not produce a victorious outcome. This unique lending opportunity was specifically designed to help the victim with financial struggles commonly experienced after going through an incident serious enough in nature to require legal intervention.

Often times, the victim will first approach their attorney with any financial concerns to ask for professional and legal advice. Sometimes the victim will almost respond with a level of personal offense when the attorney first mentions contacting a litigation funding company for some financial help. However, there are certainly some compelling reasons for this referral.

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Only sell structured settlements to litigation funding providers you trust.

November 8th, 2010

After the conclusion of a legal case, often, the victim and family will agree to receive structured settlement payments to ultimately access the total settlement dollar amount awarded in the case. The structured settlement payments are provided to the victim at regularly scheduled periodic intervals. Essentially, the victim knows exactly how much money to expect and precisely when it will arrive.

The structured settlement arrangement may appear extremely desirable to someone who has never been involved in such a rigid financial agreement. Especially in economic times like the present, when the job market seems more unpredictable and unreliable than ever before, it may sound very appealing to just know that you will for certain receive a payment. Unfortunately, given the current economy, this could accurately be classified as a financial luxury.

However, there are certainly some inherent problems and potential income “threats” posed by this rigid periodic payment process.

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If I’m suing an individual, can I get a lawsuit loan?

November 7th, 2010

The experience of a significant accident can quickly place the victim and family in a heightened state of anxiety. Most people would agree that this situation is 1 of the most trying and frustrating eras of their lives. It can seem nearly impossible to keep your mind organized and focused on the most important aspect after an incident of this nature, which would be your maximal recovery.

Incidents serious enough to require legal intervention are long and far reaching, in terms of their unique consequences. You can fully expect the incident to influence the entire spectrum of your mental, physical, emotional, and financial health. At first glance, cash may seem relatively low on the ranking list when placing these affected areas in order of most troubling to least. However, statistics overwhelmingly show that the area victims and struggling families identify as the most detrimental part of the lawsuit is financial hardships, quite literally forced on the victim and family. During the litigation process, victims constantly ask for any financial recourse available.

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I have a structured settlement, but need more money now! What are my options?

November 7th, 2010

During the finalization process of a lawsuit, the settlement dollar amount is determined and agreed upon by all parties involved in the case. In general, people have the tendency to believe that, at this point in the process, the victim is immediately provided with the settlement money. It makes logical sense to envision the litigation system in this perfect manner. However, in reality, the process of getting the money to the victim is a more complex and often stressful process.

Many insurance companies attempt to urge the victim to opt for a structured settlement, as opposed to simply receiving a 1 time lump sum payment. The insurance companies report that statistically, victims who requested a lump sum payment, were 72% more likely to spend majority of their money quickly and on items they really do not even need. Insurance companies further detail that a structured settlement agreement is actually a more responsible choice for the victim to make because the companies do not want the victim to spend the money too quickly and be left to suffer from longer term injury related health issues later on in life.

The arguments posed for choosing the structured settlement option are certainly important to consider and constantly keep in mind. However, there are certainly some formidable reasons to stray as far as possible from this rigid periodic payment process.

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I am representing myself. Can I receive a lawsuit loan?

November 6th, 2010

Given the current global economic crisis, it makes sense that people seem to be attempting to save a little cash where ever possible. Often, when a person is trying to find a way to save some extra money, they have a tendency to look for any do it yourself (DIY) projects. In short, DIY projects save money by affording the consumer the opportunity to complete these projects without having to worry about high service, installation, and delivery fees.

Often, a recent victim has very little knowledge of any of the legalities associated with a lawsuit. Therefore, it is common for these individuals to have some questions about their entire case in general, and especially regarding financial help, in the form of a lawsuit loan.

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Structured Settlements Explained.

November 5th, 2010

Statistical evidence overwhelmingly indicates that any 1 person can accurately expect to eventually experience a very serious event, ultimately requiring legal action. On average, 1 in 3 individuals will unfortunately be forced to deal with the frustrating and confusing implications commonly associated with the aftermath of an incident of this detrimental nature.

Based on scientific probability predicting such high likelihood of occurrence, it would certainly be considered beneficial for every person to attempt to gain some knowledge in this unfortunate, yet highly probable legal and financial matter. These catastrophic, life changing events are hardly ever expected by the victim or their family at all. Therefore, learning any information you can about this sensitive area will be certain to behoove you eventually because, given statistical probability as high as 1/3, most likely you will at minimum know someone who has gone through this literal life changing nightmare.

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Can a litigation funding company tell me how much my claim is worth?

November 4th, 2010

When an individual goes through an unexpected event that causes damages severe enough to necessitate a legal claim, the victim is often faced with multiple stressful, confusing, time sensitive, and very critical decisions that must be promptly made. It is extremely common for the victim to realize that there is quite literally an overwhelming amount of confusing and unfamiliar legal information immediately provided from a multitude of professional sources. Frustration is a consistent irritant, especially when the victim is first trying to make sense of this life altering experience.

With the high paced legal world constantly changing, it is not challenging to understand why a common question typically posed by a recent victim concerns whether or not a litigation funding company is able to help you determine exactly how much your claim is worth. This case value is a logical place to start, in beginning to get an idea about what exactly your particular lawsuit-influenced situation will accurately look like after the conclusion of the case.

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